Magnus, Shirley, Alexander, Sarah-Dawn…I miss you!

Okay, so perhaps I wasn’t entirely enamoured with this song when I first heard it. It just didn’t compare to Sarah Dawn Finer’s magnificent ‘Moving On’ (the clip of which is on my ‘about’ page) from Melodifestivalen this year.

But there’s a difference when you’re in the audience, about 10 deep from the stage, and this incredible singer is performing it LIVE in front of you. Thanks to someone on Youtube called ‘3minutesme,’ I get the chance to re-live that moment.

I said to Yoda that night, ‘I love that song!’. He said ‘no you don’t!’ Well, who cares – I’ve changed my mind!

God bless you Sarah Dawn and so many of the other performers at Stockholm Pride this year!

And then again, who can forget the finale of Schlager Night at Stockholm Pride?

It was pissing down with rain because the organisers had f***** up the starting time (and many, many other logistical issues) but suddenly this year’s Eurovision winner was on stage – dressed in a sailor suit. Now this is a boy who knows how to work a Gay crowd!

Alexander Rybak, the Russian from Norway, was just gorgeous performing his winning song ‘Fairytale.’

And yeah, I’m in love with a fairytale after that performance!

Notice the crowd knows all the goddamn words to the song! That’s Schlager Night for you!

A week and a half ago I was in the audience at Pride Park in Stockholm and saw all of my favourite performers LIVE right in front of me – Shirley Clamp, Magnus Carlsson, Sarah Dawn Finer, Alcazar and so many more. And now here I am in boringville, Sydney, Australia. In my stinky, dinky little abode.

Videos shot on mobile phones by people also at Pride Park and uploaded to Youtube will have to do.

Finally, here is Magnus Carlsson – doing a medley of hits on the main stage at Stockholm Pride. The following afternoon I would see him do the same medley and more on the small stage and I would be three metres away from him. And then I would have my photo taken with him.

See the Swedish flag being waved in the audience.

Oh god, now I’m tearing up…arghhh…..take me back NOW!!!


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