The Horse Shack

I have been stuck for two days staying in a wooden cabin on a horse ranch in Nowheresville, Sweden.

Our road trip through Sweden was heading towards the biggest department store in Scandinavia – in a dinky little faux-town called Ullared. Famous only for this megastore, it attracts people from all over Scandinavia and Germany.

Accommodation is in little cabins near the store but Gustav decided we needed to do something different. So he booked us into a log cabin on someone’s horse ranch outside of town. Down some deserted track in the middle of a forest. I felt like I was stuck n a remake of the Blair Witch Project.

I’ve slept in a bunk bed for the last two nights. There are mosquitos everywhere and the only entertainment is a portable TV that has about 3 working channels. There is no internet connection of any kind whatsoever. My mobile phone just shows the word ‘SWEDEN’ in capital letters – doesn’t say what network I’m on.

Yoda and Gustav are loving the outback adventure but I am dying for civilisation. We even had to do our own housework including vacuuming as we checked out this morning.

We’re back at the megastore at the moment where there is at least an internet cafe. Gustav is off shopping for shoes and wil meet us again in a couple of hours.

Yesterday we drove to Gothenburg and spent the day with the fabulous Tony Becker. It was pissing down with rain but we managed to see a lot of the city – on foot ¨and buy a crapload of 2nd hand CDs. I now own more Amy Diamond records than anyone in Australia!

On our way to the horse shack, we went to Jönköping and Gislaved. Gislaved is where Pop Import – a semi-legendary mail order place – was based in the 80s. Grant had been there in 1986 so we were paying a pilgrimage to the place. An out of the way town which is 99% closed on Sundays. We tried to find the hotdog stand where Grant bought his famous ‘elva kronor’ hotdog in 1986 ¨but it seemed to have been replaced in the last 23 years with some uber-modern purpose-built bus station. Still, we took lots of pics.

Today, after our shopping is finished, we’re driving the 6 or 7 hours back to Stockholm via a different route. We may even be passing through Eskilstuna.

I’m glad to leave the horse shack behind. I suspect my friend James O’Brien would have loved it – he’salways talking about being a country boy at heart.

Me? Give me the city any day!



  1. Log cabin in the middle of nowhere. It sounds all a bit Gert van der Graaf to me. Did you check for turtles?

  2. Oh, darling, how unspeakably awful! How did you manage to miss the blond shirtless ranch boys cavorting on the property? How could you fail to appreciate the Swedish country air, clean as new table fresh from its IKEA flat box? The sound of the horses, musical as legendary Swedish quartet, Ace of Base?

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