A quick update

We’re about to head off on a road trip of Sweden including Gothenburg and Scandinavia’s biggest shopping centre!

Yesterday we watched the Pride Parade from a front row vantage point in central Stockholm. It was very political but lots of fun.

We went to Pride Park again last night and saw a couple of acts including Neo – Grant lined up and bought his CD and got a pic and autograph afterwards.

Friday afternoon was a blast – there was a small show on the smaller stage – very intimate. Magnus Carlsson was a guest artist and I was about 2 metres away from him. Got lots of pics and also asked him for a pic of me and him. He was glad to oblige.

Petra Mede sat at our table during the show – I was subtle: ‘OH MY GOD, YOU’RE PETRA MEDE, YOU HOSTED MELODIFESTIVALEN THIS YEAR, YOU WERE FANTASTIC!’ Like I said, real subtle. Petra ate calimari and had a coke while sitting with us and watchinbg Magnus. I asked her for a photo later and she asked about coming from Australia etc. Told her that we watched Melodifestivalen final in a pub in Sydney on the big screen. She is a genuinely lovely lady.

Andreas from Alcazar gave an emotional speech last night about having AIDS and children that are dying from AIDS in Africa. He teared up several times and found it difficult to continue.

After seeing Shirley Clamp, Sarah Dawn Finer, Magnus Carlsson, Alcazar (twice), Alexander (2009 Eurovision winner) in concert, what more could I ask for? All my dreams have come true!

And actually sitting opposite Petra Mede, the goddess…..wow!

That’s all for now – they’re urging me to shower and get ready for our road trip.


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