Stockholm Pride: Swedish Gays can’t organise a root in a brothel

Can someone please fire the whole committee that puts on Stockholm Pride?

And get some people who actually have advanced organisational skills instead?

What is it about these Swedish Gays that makes them so useless in organising a major event after years and years of experience?

Pride Park is a fiasco this year. A dangerous fiasco where lives of people who have paid a lot of money to attend are needlessly put at risk.

Last night’s Schlager Night was dangerous. Pride Park was overcrowded to a dangerous degree and there was no crowd control. As some members of the crowd got drunker and drunker, the situation was one step away from a major catastrophe. There was no room for people to move, to get away from the intense crowd. The facilities provided were grossly inadequate. For the price of entry, this situation is completely unacceptable.

There were also many children and people in wheelchairs there last night and I was very worried for their safety – let alone my own.

They say that the Stockholm Pride Committee has cut corners this year, made the Park smaller and provided less facilities to save money. It shows. But, more than that, Pride Park 2009 is a badly organised mess.

You can’t get served at the food and beverage outlets – of which there are not enough anyway. At one, there were two people serving and 50 people in two queues. When someone requested coffee, the whole serving process came to a halt. And the prices were outrageous. For the prices they were charging, they should have made sure they had enough people serving.

Pride Park is basically a rip off. A rip off of the Swedish Gay public by a small group of other Swedish Gays.

Do not ask me about queues at portaloos because I will not discuss that here!

A few other things…

Nobody wants to tell you anything.

A 45 minute appearance by Alcazar was listed as being from 1pm-11pm. We wrote from Australia before we left asking what time it was really on. They wouldn’t tell us. Not couldn’t tell us but WOULDN’T tell us. We checked at the Pride Information Centre when we arrived. They took our details and said they’d check and call us – they never did. The Swedish Pride website leaves much to be desired – particularly the English language section. Which leads me to…

Stockholm Pride is an event which attracts visitors from around the world – including Eurovision fans who come for the Schlager Night especially. But the Stockholm Pride Committee makes no more than a token effort to address the needs of these visitors.

The website’s English section is woefully incomplete. It doesn’t go anywhere near duplicating the Swedish language section. When you’re coming from another country you want some surety of information – about when and where events are happening. You don’t want vague information. And you don’t want to email or talk to vague Swedish staff who give you vague answers.

At the Park there is no information in English – which not only in Sweden but in most places that visitors would come from – is pretty much the second language in use. The internet has made this even more so in the last decade.

But no signs, no announcements, nothing was in English for foreign visitors. They obviously don’t want our money???

The Stockholm Pride Committee is always begging for more money. They had SMS numbers showing on the ONE video screen in use at Pride Park. They want you to text it and give them more money. But where is this money going? I’d say in administration costs – not in direct funding of Pride Park facilities.

A second video screen could take the pressure off the crowds surging towards the stage. There were too many people there to directly view the main stage so two giant screens would have made all the difference.

I could go on with more examples of the complete shambles that is Pride Park but you get the general idea. I think the Swedish Gay community deserves better – much better.

Sack the Stockholm Pride Committee and start again.



  1. […] We were in Stockholm for the annual Pride festival and parade. A Swedish gay friend of ours had warned us that Swedish gays are not very good at organising events and this ws sadly very true this year. I have been to a couple of Prides back when I lived in Stockholm which were much better organised. I won’t go on about here since the Judge has written about this aspect here. […]

  2. Wow, it sounds like it’s really ramped up this year in terms of numbers of people attending. But also, last year there were two screens. Last year my experience was that it was crowded and busy, but I still managed to be able to see the stage from a short distance and without feeling overly crowded.

    Hopefully the rest of the time is going well. Loved your call the other night.

    Hallsning fran Sydney…

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