No time to post

I’m over half-way through my overseas trip and currently in Stockholm after being in London and Birmingham.

My host in Stockholm, the irrepressible Gustav, said to me last night that I hadn’t sent in an update to TheBestJudge in ages. Too true unfortunately.

Time is the problem. Yoda and I have been on the go since Day 1 of the trip. Yesterday we went to Pride Park in Stockholm and saw the official opening and also the Dusty Springfield tribute show. The night before it was Alcazar Unplugged – where we were at the front less than 2 metres away from the group!

We’ve done lots of walking and shopping. Lots of reaquainting ourselves with Stockholm’s old town – Gamla Stan. And yes James, we did try Torget but it was mega packed. About 25 people waiting to be served and 1§ lone barman. Service in Sweden is pretty crap to put it kindly. We left, got a six pack at ICA and went back to Gustav’s place!

Birmingham was wonderful – Kevin & Mark were the perfect hosts. Their house is like something out of Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous. There was even a Harrod’s Teddy Bear on my bed. All very 5-star!

We caught up with the lovely Dionne and her partner Julie in a funky little bar in Birmingham’s Gay village last Saturday. Lovely people.

London was just fabulous as always – once I’d gotten over my virus and was back to normal, my mood changed and I really got into it. I could spend weeks and weeks there if I had the time and money!

Well, Yoda is barking at me – time to leave to go to the local shopping centre and then off to Pride Park for Schlager night!



  1. And here’s a pic from Alcazar thanks to Youtube

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