Getting connected is a blast

Okay, here I am on the other side of the world and Im fully connected. And with an amount of ease and at prices which are astounding.

First up: mobile phone

We are in a 3-like country so international roaming rates are are a fraction of what they’d be in non 3-like countries. Also, for $5 a month I have access to up to 6 email accounts on my mobile with no extra charges in 3-like countries. Amazing.

Secondly, to avoid roaming charges and to make it easier for friends in the UK to call me without spending a fortune, I bought a UK pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

A very basic one that cost GBP4.85 – about the same price as a meal at McDonalds over here. I simply topped it up with GBP10 credit and off I went. It was set up in the store so I walked out with a functioning UK mobile phone after about 10 minutes!

Next up: Broadband Internet

Sure there are heaps of internet cafes around London. We’ve already been to a terrific one near where we’re staying. But it isn’t always convenient to get to one when you suddenly decide ‘hey, I need to look up information on…..’

I have my baby eee pc here with me and wondered how pay as you go broadband internet access would work here.

Again, amazingly, I hooked up with a 3 Mobile USB modem for GBP19.95 outright price. I then chargeed it up with GBP10 credit for 1 gigabyte download limit over the next month and bob’s your uncle!

We now have internet access in our room 24/7 to use whenever we want to. As Yoda is an early riser, he can be on the net checking email etc. while I’m still fast asleep. It’s incredibly convenient.

We didn’t have so much luck with wi-fi connections either here or in Seoul so that’s what prompted me to research a better solution. And the total price here is half of what the same solution cost me in Oz.

There are times when I just love my technological life! Particularly when it takes the hassle out of keeping in touch with people when overseas.

And there’s not a day goes by that we don’t need to look something up about being in London on the net so to be able to do that without leaving our room is sensational.


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