48 Crash

Crash, crash, 48 crash…crash, crash…waaaaaaahhh….

Not the song.


When I first visited London I was in my early thirties. I had jetlag for a few days and then never looked back.

I am no longer in my early 30s.

Walking around London last night – Oxford Street, Charing Cross Road, Piccadilly Circus etc. – I found the crowds and noise unbearable.

Granted it was a Saturday night – party night for the masses – but my god, I’ve never seen the main tourist areas of London so packed with people. And so loud. So bloody loud.

I can only think on all my previous visits that I was so focussed on being there and doing stuff that I unconsciously filtered out the sound and darted around the crowds.

This time, the combination of being zonked from the flights and being of a certain age….well, they combined to make me want to scream ‘GET ME THE F*** OUT OF HERE!’ Very unusual for me.

Yoda felt the same. And we had more of the same today. I wouldn’t swap this holiday experience for the world but jesus, can everyone stop shouting, pushing and shoving for a minute???

Crash, crash, 48 crash….

Some of the things I used to die for are now killing me 😉


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