Live from the airport

Well, we’re here! Presently sitting airside at Sydney airport waiting for the boarding call.

Loaded up with all sorts of medications, masks and snacks. Apparently the first sector isn’t too busy so we’ll have a bit of space to stretch out.

Check in was very smooth – we were among the first to arrive and there was no line. Check in lady was lovely.

Called Dad to say goodbye which is something I’ve always done. Yoda rang his parents for a quick chat.

Shopping at the airport is really boring. They wanted $3.75 for a 600ml bottle of still water. Amazing.

I had to get some prescriptions made up. Cost me $82 – Chemist Warehouse would have been $57!

Feels strange – first time out of the country since March 2005. Prior to that I was travelling almost every year.

What will London be like after 4+ years? And what will Stockholm be like after 6+ years?

Guess we’ll be finding out soon!

Wish me luck!


1 Comment

  1. glad u survived. hope ur trip goes well. say hi to Gustav for me!
    oink oink!

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