See the problem is this: Your 90s wasn’t my 90s

You were off listening to mostly American crap either on the American or Australian charts while I was obsessing over the fabulous pop music flooding the UK charts.

Each week I’d listen to ‘UK Chart Attack’ on Sydney radio and buy the latest air-freighted copy of ‘Smash Hits’ from HMV in Pitt Street Mall. Then I’d make a list of what I wanted and I’d call HMV’s London mail order service and place my order. At one stage they even had my credit card number pinned to the wall because I used to ring them so much.

I bought gazillions of CD singles. Part Ones and Part Twos and the odd album. Take That, Let Loose, Bad Boys Inc, PJ & Duncan…just a few of my pop obsessions back then. The UK still had POP music. And it sold by the bucketload. And there was a whole infrastructure surrounding it – magazines, roadshows, TV shows, instore appearances and more. Pop was huge, it was fun and it made lots of money for the record companies and artists.

And while you were listening to Nirvana, I was IN nirvana with my UK pop music obsession. I barely took notice of what was happening on the Australian music scene. Occasionally the two would marry up – as in the case of the Spice Girls. But mostly the Australian charts were more a reflection of the American charts. What was American was cool. But not to me.

I lived and still live for POP music.

I had my nineties and you had yours. And I’m sure that rarely did the twain ever meet.



  1. In the midst of all of pop, dance etc that I like, I also really like Nirvana. I love the sing-a-long quality of Teen Spirit (later made into a great dance track by Abigail), and the melodies of songs like Come As You Are. I agree with you Grant that it’s a little hard to characterise the 90s in the same way as the 70s are characterised/stereotyped as ABBA/Disco and the 80s as big hair and overblown pop-rock. M-People and D-ream sum up the 90s for me, though.

  2. It’s sometimes difficult to get a handle on the 90s unlike previous decades. They are often characterised by artists like Norvana which just wasn’t my cup of tea at all.

    As the Judge points out, there was some great pop music in the 90s. Apart from the ones mentioned, you had the M People, D:Ream, Haddaway, Gabrielle and Sybil to mention a few. Even Lulu produced some her finest material in the 90s.

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