Can’t get over September

I bought this single the other week at JB HiFi without ever hearing it – just on the basis of September’s last single – ‘Cry For You’ – which was really just ‘Smalltown Boy’ by Bronski Beat in drag. But anyway, I am sooooo glad I bought this single. It’s pop-fab-tastic.

September is from Sweden as many of you already know. This song just turns me into a big pile of mushy-pop-liquid. The boy who started buying 7″ singles in the very early 70s and still buys CD singles today can be summed up by one term:  POPSLUT!

Anyway, I can’t get over ‘Can’t Get Over’ no matter how hard I try.

Everyone, dance with me now!



  1. Here’s some pics from last year, and a youtube video from Patrick featuring Can’t Get Over done acoustically. I read in the paper that she’s probably coming back this year.

  2. Late thought: Shouldn’t Kylie be sounding like this? I’d swap half the songs on her last album for songs like this! And I just lerv Kylie.

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