Nokia E63….at last!

JudgeG and his pride and joy...the Nokia E63

JudgeG and his pride and joy...the Nokia e63

I wrote about it at the beginning, I’ve been lusting over it all this year and now….drum roll….I finally have it – the absolutely fabsational Nokia E63 in Ruby Red.

I waited until the penalty for upgrading was only $20. Then I hopped into the mobile phone shop on Thursday night and, after some hoo-haa and paperwork, I left with a lovely white bag containing a shrinkwrapped box – and inside that box…my very own Nokia E63!

All the bits and pieces (as seen below) were pawed and examined on the bus ride home. I love paraphernalia – especially when its glossy, brand new paraphernalia. All those manuals and info sheets, mini-headphones and such. I found nirvana for a short time on that long bus ride home.

Nokia Paraphernalia - love it, love it love it!

Nokia Paraphernalia - love it, love it love it!

I didn’t get to sleep until after midnight on Thursday night because I was playing with the phone and testing out it’s settings. Of course I had to put the sim card in and charge it up as well. I set the alarm to wake me gently for work the following morning. Changed the icon grid to a menu list instead (easier to read). And even discovered the 45 second demo version of PacMan that’s included with the phone. Talk about mobile phone hog heaven.

Protection. That was the big word in the 80s and it was certainly a big word for me. I am terrible in my inadvertent horrific treatment of all things electrical. They remain shiny and new for a day or two and then begin to look like the Wreck of the Hesperus. Some people are good with handling this stuff – I’m shocking. Drops and cracks are common. So I was determined to make sure my E63 had proper protection. If it’s not on, it’s not on!

I wanted a clear skin for it. Not easy to get unfortunately. If I wanted to get some cheap covers and cases, I had to buy them on eBay from Hong Kong vendors. I hate waiting for stuff to arrive, I really do. Plus I wasn’t sure the phone would make it through another week of JudgeG handling. Having it in my pocket all day Friday – competing with keys, coins, a camera, a security pass and more – it already didn’t seem to be comfortable with such treatment.

Today my best friend Yoda and I took a train to the city and the ubiquitous Paddys Markets in Chinatown. After walking around the markets for an hour it became clear that my choice came down to a rubbery-white shell, a black leather pouch thing or a crystal plastic case. Yoda advocated strongly for the crystal case and finally convinced me. Ten bucks later and I had protection. The man at the stall even wiped down my phone, inserted it into the case, locked it in place and wiped down the case itself. What a nice man.

The good thing is that it is the only cover that doesn’t partially or fully cover the ‘Ruby Red’ colour of the phone – I am in lerv with the colour! And also that it seems strong – it will need to be. No doubt the E63 will get dropped and the all round protection including the screen being covered will be essential. I’ve gotta have this baby for two whole years and I don’t want anything happening to it. If I have to go back to my awful LG U310, I’ll be a very unhappy boy.

Did I mention it has a torch? I even used it last night when I was out and about – to see a bus timetable at the bus stop or something. Gorgeous idea, so clever. There’s so much more stuff it does and I know I will never, ever use even 50% of it’s features. But I don’t care – it is pretty and shiny and uber-cool. At some point the push-email feature will come in handy I know. As far as surfing the web with it, well that’s not probably something I’ll get into. I’m an old fashioned guy who prefers to surf on an actual PC – or at least an Eee PC

Eee PC 701 - technology can be marvellous!

Eee PC 701 - technology can be marvellous!

So, here I am on a Sunday night. Washing clothes for another week at work and doing bits and pieces. The guy I was supposed to meet at the Shift last night didn’t show but who cares? How could he compete with the beauty of my Nokia E63. No contest really.

I’m not an ‘Apple person’ and I detest the ‘iPhone’ so this is the closest I come to being a techno-fad nerd. And I didn’t queue up for my little bit of sexy-tech, I waited six months until the price was right. But now it is in my hot little hands and I won’t be leaving home without it. It might be one of the most meaningful relationships I ever have!


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