Getting in early for Yoda’s Birthday!

The birthday boy himself!

The birthday boy himself!

Here he is, the birthday boy! I’m getting in a little bit early – it isn’t his birthday for another 1 hour and 46 minutes as I type this. But anyway, Happy Birthday Yoda! This picture of the birthday boy is uber-new – just took it last night at Petersham RSL. Isn’t he adorable? Hard to believe he’s fort…..cough….cough…. Well, lets not go there – he might get sensitive 😉

Still, he should be happy at the moment….he won a prize in the raffle last night. Neither James nor I did. Although what he wants with a digital photo frame I have no idea.

We’re hardly speaking at the moment….his home phone is buggered and he blew all his monthly mobile credit on a call to Sweden. I’ve blown all my monthly credit on a short call to Sweden and calling Yoda because he didn’t have any credit. We’re both waiting for our monthly reset dates to happen.

I found this photo of the object of Yoda’s mobile phone credit taken (I believe) on the last big trip to Europe we did back in 2005. G, G & G on the road together, sharing a hotel room together, partying together – I have mor eincriminating pictures but I’ll save them for another time 😉

Birthday boy and Swedish boy

Birthday boy and Swedish boy


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  1. Thanks for “outing” me. I was trying to ignore the fact! You did pick a couple of photos that I approve of since I usually hate all photos of myself.

    And today you will be happy to know that my mobile phone has clicked over to a new monthly period. Yay!

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