The perfect guy does exist!

Björn Gustafsson

Björn Gustafsson

And they reckon the perfect guy doesn’t exist?

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

He does exist. He’s Swedish, he’s a comedian and his name is Björn Gustafsson.

Here he is doing a very funny song (that you won’t understand unless you understand Swedish) at one of the finals of Melodifestivalen 2008. He declares his love for Swedish TV star Carina Berg in the song and tells her to dump her boyfriend Kristian Luuk. Carina is in the audience and you can see her reaction. It’s a very, very funny song. I wish I could find a translation on the net.

Gorgeous, talented and very funny. What else could you ask for?

And here he is again from Melodifestivalen…supposedly reading a poem in Swedish entitled ‘What Is Love’ but gets it all mixed up.



  1. […] on from JudgeG’s post about the perfect guy, here is an angelic picture of our Björn. He is a real sweetheart and not just for his looks. He […]

  2. And did I mention we stood next to each other watching the bears at Skansen? 🙂

    • You can’t just say ‘watching the bears’ without clarifying. It sounds like you two might have been at the Flinders on Friday nights orat Manacle on…well, any day or night really 😉

  3. Oh, honey, how I’ve missed you!!! I shall box up Bjorn immediately and send him off to you in Sydney. He’s used to the cold, being Swedish and all…

    You sure can pick ’em. Hope it warms up soon.

    love and hugs

    • Miss Laura,

      Yoda and I are working on a way to keep some of the old gang in contact with each other without the dreaded Facebook which neither Stadler or Waldorf…er, Grant or myself…can stand! Be in touch soon.

  4. I thought it was Martin Bryant!! Put a pic of him up next to these – the similarity!

    • Oh i don’t want to even go there! My Björn is fantastic person, gorgeous and talented. He’s never even been to Australia, let alone shot through Port Arthur!

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