9 degrees? Shiver me timbers!

No wonder I was freezing my bollocks off!

No wonder I was freezing my bollocks off!

The above photo is a quick snap – a rather bad one at that – taken at Milsons Point train station in North Sydney just after 8.30pm on Wednesday night. I had to stop and take this shot as I waited for the train because I was gobsmacked by it.

Yes it IS winter in Australia and yes, occasionally in the middle of the night we might get down to single figure temperatures…but this was 8.30pm for god’s sake. 9 bloody degrees! No wonder there were people walking around with scarves over their heads.

I walked from the Kirribilli Club to Milsons Point station and thought I was going to drop down on the ground of hypothermia. My top half was reasonably well protected but my work pants are thin….as I walked down the street it felt like I was only wearing undies and nothing else. The wind was blowing through my willows on Wednesday night, believe me! Chilly Willy indeed!

Sydney winters are usually a mixed bag – a bit of cold, a bit of rain, a bit of sun and a lot of indifferent weather. But 9 degrees at 8.30pm – no bloody way! It wasn’t a hell of a lot better during the day. I went outside at lunch time and returned to work pretty bloody fast after experiencing the chill factor.

Last Sunday night I was out with James and thought I’d be fiscally responsible and get public transport home. Silly me – I had two light T-Shirts and a shirt on but no jacket. Very, very silly. I did a lot of waiting for buses that night and also had a ten minute walk from the only available bus to my house. I didn’t think I would make it – I was shivering and shaking as I walked down the street sometime just after midnight.

After getting home, getting the heater on and changing into something much warmer, I did a bit of surfing on the net. And at about 2am I checked the temperature on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website for the nearest checking station to where I live. 6 degrees. I did a double-take. 6 degrees….no wonder I’d almost had my assets frozen off walking home. Bloody hell!

Monday I squeezed a second quilt into my quilt cover. So I now have two quilts covering me in bed. It’s just been that cold.

Looks like we’re in for a looooong, cold, freeeezing winter. Beanies, scarves and furry gloves at the ready everyone.


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