Engelbert, I finally found you!

Judge G and Mum circa....previous century ;-)

Judge G and Mum circa....previous century 😉

Ever since Mum died earlier this year, I’ve been searching for just the right Engelbert Humperdinck compilation. Why? Because Mum loved Engelbert and she had an EP that she and I used to play a lot when I was a kid. It had four songs on it and I needed to havethem all on one CD. It wasn’t easy to find…I tried for ages.

The songs are:
Release Me
The Last Waltz (which I wanted played as the last song at Mum’s funeral but gave in so there wouldn’t be any drama)
There Goes My Everything
Ten Guitars

Ten Bloody Guitars! Do you think I could find a compilation with all four on! 3 yes but no ‘Ten Guitars’. I trawled online shopping sites, CD-Wow and local shops to no avail. Then a week or so ago, JB Hi-Fi was having a sale and Yoda and I decided to check it. We got a bus to Leichhardt and went to a not-so-spectacular JB HiFi branch. But there it was!

I was absent mindedly wandering around the store and decided to have another pointless look at the Engelbert section and found this gem of a compilation:

Engelbert Humperdinck...At His Very Best

Engelbert Humperdinck...At His Very Best

I don’t know why it hadn’t turned up in my previous searching efforts. It was released in Australia to co-incide with a tour here at the beginning of the decade. Not only did it have everything I want and more…but it was 20% off because of the sale! I was happy as a pig in…well, you know 😉

Of everything that happened in and around the funeral and how I related to it then and how I’ve felt about losing Mum since, these songs are the main thing that make me feel close to her. And remember her in the good times before the accident and the dementia. There should be a million other things that trigger positive memories but, for some reason, I’m focussed on goold old Engelbert Humperdinck and those mornings in the early 70s when I would play the EP for Mum – just occasionally – before I got on my bike and went off to school.

Now about ‘Ten Guitars’, the lyric starts with ‘I have a band of men and all they do is play for me…’

I think there’s something in that for all of us, don’t you? ;-p


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  1. Hi

    I think your Mother will be living in your heart forever.

    You always sound so sweet when you talk about your MUM.

    You make us all appreciate our own individual mothers a lot more while we still have them with us.

    Kind Regards
    Samuel Inglles

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