It was the 80s…we all dressed like that.

Is it the perm that's freaking you out?

Is it the perm that's freaking you out?

Okay well maybe we didn’t ALL dress like that. Maybe it was only me who had inappropriately permed hair and clothes like a budget airline pilot.

And there’s John as Frida from the A Group we don’t talk about anymore. He’d just done a show. I’d just been dancing. I have pimples.  I have only ONE chin!

Yes, before I became the fullsome, manly, generous proportioned JudgeG that I am today, I was known as ‘matchstick.’ Of course it was the 80s and there was a war on. Maybe the Falklands? There’s always a war on somewhere, isn’t there?

Looking at this photo tonight I’m still not sure who’s dressed up more…me or John. At least John doesn’t have a ‘Clip Joint’ afro perm. A perm whose spring has already sprung!

Still, I have fond memories of the days when I only had one chin…



  1. I have fond memories of the time when you only had one chin too. And you know, I don’t think there was a single Adelaide queen that DIDN’T visit the Clip Joint at some time…

    • Having seen the Clip Joint go from one salon to two to dozens and then back to about one or two again….it makes me realise I’m old enough to have seen the rise and fall of an empire! Thank god there’s some fellow chums like you around that know what I’m talking about. Just slap me if you ever see any entries on here about Innocenti or Peter Shearer!

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