It was bloody hilarious

On Wednesday night I laughed so much I induced a little asthma attack.

The furor surrounding the Chaser’s War on Everything and their ‘Make A Realistic Wish Foundation’ is just pathetic. The show is meant to shock and provoke and push buttons. It did all that with this sketch. Yes it was in poor taste but most cutting edge humour is. The outrage from ‘concerned citizens’ and an hysterical media is far worse than the sketch itself.

Have we become so uptight and po faced that we can’t even laugh at something outrageous anymore? Laughing at this sketch doesn’t make you a child-hater, nor a ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ hater nor does it even make you a bad person. It just makes you a person with a very black, sick sense of humour. JudgeG is happy to put his hand up to be included in this category.

Sometimes I wonder where the hell the world is going. America falls apart if Janet Jackson flops out a boob and Australia wants a witch-burning because of comedy sketch. If all the people and organisations who have spent time raving and ranting about this sketch actually used that time/effort to do something good for the world….maybe we wouldn’t be in the bloody mess we’re stuck in.

Get over it!


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