Good and Evil in Australian Sport

A classic case of Good and Evil

A classic case of Good and Evil

What a contrast. The above photo is of Matt Mitcham and Matthew Johns. Good versus Evil. Light versus Dark.

In the first shot we see a young man who went through hell and back because of his sexuality and turned his life around with the support of a loving partner. We see a young man who went on to reach the absolute peak of his sport but did not lose his head. He did not develop a huge ego, become an obnoxious party-boy or even become a ‘star’ and aloof from his fans and the general public.

In the first shot we see a role model. Someone we can be proud of and look up to.

In the second shot we see evil. Classic evil.

A sporting ‘star’ worth millions of dollars who participated in a gangbang of a 19 year old girl with up to twelve other men. A ‘star’ who cares about only one thing: himself. His career, his money, his image. This photo shows a ‘man’ we should all revile.

This second shot, strangely enough, shows the kind of person that most Australians look up to, aspire to and the kind of person who many Australians would quite happily allow to rape and bash others…all because he’s a ‘big sports star.’ When this man participates in the ritual sexual degredation of an innocent 19 year old girl, it’s all the girl’s fault apparently. She’s a slut, a whore, a drunk, she was asking for it etc. etc.

My country has it’s priorities and beliefs so very, very wrong. In the first photo we see a young man who lives the ‘role model’ role each and every day. But who can barely scrape up enough money and sponsorship to continue with his sport.

In the second shot we see asomeone who some people have referred to as being little more than a ‘thug’. I can understand why some people see him as being a participant in a virtual group rape. But he is a ‘TV star’ worth millions of dollars. Someone who can get away with anything and everything without consequence. Someone who is above the law, above the judgements that mere mortal (non-sporting heroes) are subject to.

What we see in these two photos capture all that is wrong with my country. The good must be good and virtuous without support. The evil are rewarded with media stardom, millions of dollars and complete expemption from judgement for their contemptible and abhorrent behaviour.

My wish is that the person in the second photo burns in hell.

Judgement: GUILTY.



  1. Thank you for writing this Graeme…after watching Four Corners on Monday I couldn’t believe that this whole incident has been so strategically minimised to protect the sport and the sports people involved. The grab from last weeks Footy Show was so disgusting…Matthew Johns “pre-emptive strike” when he knew the Four Corners expose was going to air a few days later…what a pathetic attempt at an apology, and then the other presenter next to him patting him on the back and saying “well said”…excuse me ??? What a shocking and disturbing example of the Australian “boys club” mentality…horrifying. Your juxtaposition of the wonderful Matthew Mitcham and the uphill battle he is now faced with to be embraced by sponsorships and recognised for his extraordinary achievments provides a perfect example of, as you say, some of the most repugnant aspects of Australian culture. I hope more people read this.

    • There’s at last been a little justice but it all smacks of choreography and spin-doctoring to me. I wonder how long he’ll be ‘rested’ from his TV and other commitments before coming back when the heat is off. Will anything actually change? I really hope so but I’m not confident. Already the stories are coming out slagging off the girl involved. Sickening, just sickening.

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