My god, there was a sofa there after all!

Yes Virginia, there really is a sofa!

Yes Virginia, there really is a sofa!

Yoda and I sat on this sofa after it was uncovered late on Sunday afternoon. It was a triumph of our efforts after two days. Not the end of the process, just a beginning. But it was a real sign that we had accomplished something.

We went through boxes and boxes of stuff and chucked out so much stuff. And as we went through box after box, we sorted into papers that had to be kept and those that could be shredded or recycled. We virtually filled all of the recycling bins downstairs. And we came up with about six inches thick of shredding. Along with this phone books and old PC magazines were disposed of summarily. I kept the manual from my old LG U300 phone – the one that broke in half 18 months ago – but I’m sentimentally attached to that. One day, I’ll let go. 😉

We now have a series of trays of sorted papers – my papers, business papers and so on. As I said, it isn’t the end of the process, it is only the beginning. For every box we went through there are at least two others in the kitchen, the office and my bedroom. It’s a loooooooong process.

I even did some more vacuuming on Sunday afternoon. Grant said I vacuumed up entire subcultures. I disputed that but I couldn’t help being shocked at some of the stuff on the floor and under the sofa cushions. Erghh. The picture below shows part of the carpet in my lounge room. Carpet that I have not actually seen since 2005. I can actually get near the stereo now without acrobatic stunts!

Last seen in 2005!

Last seen in 2005!

After all that work, it was time for a reward. So I took James up on his offer for a Sunday night bevvie and we met up at the Midnight Shift downstairs for their retro night. I had a blast. And for once a lot of the music was actually retro rather than current/90s rap, soul, r&b, hiphop crap that makes my skin crawl. I even danced in front of the table a little bit as the night progressed. It was that kind of night.

Monday morning it was back to work….and a day of me feeling like I was walking on the moon all day. Guess I was feeling the after-effects of my partying ways. Still, it was worth it. And last night I sat on the floor for a couple of hours and shredded. And shredded. And shredded. Let me tell you, the novelty wears off after a while. 😉

So overall, a successful weekend and I’ve ended up with a 10% more human-looking flat and a whole lot of papers that have been through an initial sort. I’d still prefer to do a ‘Samantha from Bewitched’ on the place, but hey…you can’t have it all!



  1. Well I was thinking of you when I went to see RENT earlier this year. The touring cast has Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp from the original cast reprising their roles. The show hasn’t been this good since the very first cast I ever saw. So definitely had memories of taking you to the La Jolla Playhouse even though we saw that one woman show, not RENT. She was good too. 🙂

    LOL about the Wal-Mart stuff. I sold off my trucks, but still have the throw rug thing out in the garage. 🙂 I’m bad for hoarding too.

  2. I recognize that RENT book visible on the bookshelf next to the newly uncovered sofa. 🙂 How are you doing G-man? I hope all is well and nice to see you have a place to sit again. I think I was there the last time that sofa saw the light of day.

    • Ah you notice everything! Yes that is the Rent book you gave me all those years ago. Somewhere lying around the flat is a (now) dirty Walmart throw rug and possibly even a toy Walmart truck. JudgeG is bad for hoarding!

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