Still a Balfours boy

It’s all a bit sad. Here I was copying this video to DVD so I could then transfer it to my computer and import it into Windows Movie Maker to edit it. And I started crying. Again. Goddamn it!

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This bloody TV ad has had the power to make me cry for years and years. I once sat down and played and rewound it twenty times and bawled my eyes out. Sad but true. You can take boy out of Adelaide but you can’t take Adelaide out of the boy.

Or perhaps it’s just that having a fairly limited diet, Balfours took on an extraordinary importance in my life compared to 99.9% of the population. Perhaps I relate to the little boy and am thinking ‘what about ME‘ when I watch the commercial.

Who knows? I am sure a psychobabbler could have a field day with it. A less kind person might remark, ‘but you were never that cute, JudgeG.’ People can be so unkind 😉

Grant might watch this commercial and see something completely different…‘Frog Cake! Green Frog Cake!,’ he’d probably scream. Green Frog Cakes are an historical delicacy in Adelaide.

Wikipedia explains…‘Frog cakes have long been regarded as a South Australian icon, and have at times been used to help promote the state. For example, in 2001 frog cakes were given to judges during Joan Hall’s final pitch in a successful bid to win the 2007 World Police and Fire Games for Adelaide. While there have been tongue-in-cheek and satirical suggestions to build monuments to the frog cake, such as that made by Peter Goers, a more realistic recognition of the frog cake came in 2001 when it was one of the first items to be selected as a South Australian Icon by the National Trust of South Australia during the 165th anniversary of the state, adding the frog cake to the National Heritage Listing as a “movable asset”.’

The classic Balfours Green Frog Cake - a South Australian Legend

The classic Balfours Green Frog Cake - a South Australian Legend

But me, I’m more of a Pasty boy. Balfours pasties only. In fact, I am probably the best advert the company could ever have. I lived on them and not much else for 23 years. Contrary to all medical expectations, I didn’t die and I’m still here to prove it!

There’s very few things that pained me when I left Adelaide for Sydney. Losing Balfours Pasties was the main one. You just can’t get them in Sydney – they’re unique to Adelaide. When I go back on holidays I’ve been known to have up to 4 in one day. And then feel very, very bloated! JudgeG never does moderation very well 😉

JudgeG and a Balfours Pasty...a marriage made in heaven.

JudgeG and a Balfours Pasty...a marriage made in heaven.

Nowadays it is getting tougher and tougher to find a delicious hot Balfours pasty even in Adelaide. Another company – who shall remain nameless – has taken over in the popularity stakes and left Balfours on the fringes. But not to me. Never. I’ve always been a Balfours boy and always will.

There’s quite a few people out there who I know would be extremely happy if I was dead…but to the few who are glad I’m still alive and kicking, you can thank Balfours for having played a big part in helping me survive.

Balfours Shop Rundle sadly gone

Balfours Shop Rundle sadly gone



  1. Help – I am headed to Adelaide today and haven’t been there in over 7 years. WHERE can I get a frog cake???

    • They’re not hard to find. Any shop that displays a Balfours sign should have them. I know there is a Balfours stand at Marion Shopping Centre. The one pictured above was bought in Rundle Mall but I can’t remember exactly where. The Judge might remember.

    • Adelaide Airport Sells them. These an S.A. shop right inside the airport that has all things South Australian. Plus across from that, there’s a cafe/food place that also sells them. Green, Brown and Pink versions!

      Around town you’ll find them at Adelaide Convenience Stores which populate the city – including the one at Southern Cross on King William Street.

      Balfours Rundle Mall shop closed down a few years ago to be sold for the worth of the real estate – so forget that. But convenience store chains as mentioned above and even general delis around the suburbs still have them.

      It can be bloody hard to get a Balfours Pasty thesedays but it is still very easy to get a frog cake.

  2. You know you’ve had too many frog cakes when they start talking to you!

  3. hello, hello, hello
    i was crying with laughter at that clip! it is so corny.

    the green frogs r kewt.

    • You can get the frog cakes in pink and chocolate (ie. brown) too but I never have those. Frogs are green and that’s all there is to that!

      • i agree with ur frog preference re: greenness.
        u tell it like it is, grant. that’s what i like about u! 😉

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