Not even a haircut

What a bust of a day. I slept for 12-13 hours and didn’t get up until just after 2pm.

I groaned since the day was alredy half over. It’s great to catch up on sleep after a crap week at work but 2pm is just nuts.

When you’ve slept that long you often wake up feeling a little jet lagged. Well, I was out of it for quite a while after I got up. Managed to have breakfast and check email and that was about it.

By 4pm I’d decided I should get out and do something. Even if it was only going up the road and getting a haircut. A quick shower and I was at the bus stop heading towards the shops.

Hard to believe but all 3 barber-type places had a stack of customers waiting. I didn’t want to wait around so I gave up and went to the supermarket instead.

About 30 minutes after I’d left home I was back here again. And a bit later it was dark already (I sooo miss daylight saving). What a waste of a free day.

All I’ve done tonight is surf the net, watch old videos on Youtube and generally waste time.

Now here I am in bed again, tapping away on the trusty eee PC 701 and about to hit Zzzzzz land again.

They say don’t waste a moment of your day because it could be your last. Well I’ve certainly blown that rule.

There is resting, relaxing and there’s plain old vegetating. Today definitely belongs in the third of those categories.

Tomorrow is another day…..

Let’s hope I’m awake for it!


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