Consumer Lust

Sexy, gorgeous, desirable....the E63

Sexy, gorgeous, desirable....the E63

I’m in love. But it isn’t with another person. It’s with an object. An object of desire. The new Nokia E63. In red of course.

I’m a shopaholic from way back. No doubt this trait was passed down to me by my dear departed mother who burned quite bit of rubber walking through Rundle Street (later Rundle Mall) in Adelaide every Friday for many, many years. Mum had a ‘charge account’ at most of the big stores like Myers, Harris Scarfe and John Martins. Plus on a big Friday she’d also get through Cox Foys, Miller Anderson and David Jones too!

These days my shopaholic tendencies tend to be confined to window shopping as the cash I get goes to pay off bills from previous misadventures 😉 But I like to look. I enjoy being a voyeur-shopaholic.

The latest obsession of my consumer lust is the Nokia E63 mobile phone. The red one, not the blue one. There’s nothing wrong with my current mobile phone apart from the battery having to be recharged every single day. And I still have some time to go before it is out of contract. But that doesn’t stop me mauling the E63s on display at every phone shop I go past.

I don’t know what it is that makes us obsessed about certain material items. In my case it certainly isn’t about status or ‘keeping up with the Joneses’ – I believe in Quentin Crisp’s old adage ‘Don’t try and keep up with the Joneses, drag them down to your level instead!’ Sage advice indeed.

I’m also not the kind of guy that goes ooh-aah over every new mobile phone and electronic gadget that ever gets released. Only certain items float my boat. Most mobile phones I can’t stand the look of – especially ‘slider’ phones – they really turn me off. And Nokia released the big brother of the E63 last year, the E71 (which has more features) but I find that phone repulsive to look at. Only the E63 does it for me. And only in red.

Whereas some people tend to use their mobile phones as internet browsers, video cameras, still cameras, mini-computers and so on, I generally use mine to make and receive calls and send and receive text messages. I’m pretty boring when it comes the phone’s more advanced capabilities.

The Nokia E63 can check multiple email accounts at the same time without you having to do anything, it can surf the web with the best of them, it has a host of organizer features and 2 different screen themes. It has a full ‘QWERTY’ keyboard as they say in today’s jargon. And you can download more applications for the Symbian operating system that runs the phone.

While all of this sounds very impressive, I doubt I’d use very many of the advanced features at all. I just think it looks pretty and sexy and I like the way it feels. So I want it. As the guy says in Little Britain..’I want that one!’

The modicum of common sense I have left means that I’m not rushing out to get this phone. I’d have to pay out my current phone liabilities and I think that’s a bridge too far for me at the moment. But it won’t stop me looking and touching the E63 whenever and wherever I find it in my travels.

Consumer lust……Was it Socrates or Madonna who once philosophised that we are all just material girls in this material world?

(tragically, I even watch video reviews of the E63….)



  1. […] wrote about it at the beginning, I’ve been lusting over it all this year and now….drum roll….I finally have it […]

  2. Good look and intrigueing vibe.


  3. Bitch, hint all you like. I’m NOT buying it for you.

    • How can one talk of buying such wonders of the modern world? One contracts to them via intermediaries in the art world known as ‘mobile phone companies.’ One could use the analogy of a marriage rather than a purchase.

  4. I do worry about you. 😉

    There is a condition called objectophilia – remember the character of Leigh Swift (played by the wonderful Mary Gross) who used to date an I-phone or a clock radio or something like that?

    • Oops, I forgot to mention that Leigh Swift was a character in the TV series, Boston Legal.

      • I’m sure her clock-radio wasn’t anywhere near as sexy as a Noka E63…in Ruby red!

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