Live from Stockholm!

Live from Sweden...just near Rhodes apparently

Live from Sweden...just near Rhodes apparently

Well, Stockholm in Rhodes, that is.

Grant and James had to organise some Swedish food for their Swedish language class on Tuesday night.

What to do? Where to go? The solution: IKEA of course!

There’s only one IKEA in Sydney now – at Rhodes. For Grant and I it takes a bus and two trains to get there. For James it is a walk down a hill and one semi-express train.

Despite carefully co-ordinated plans, our bus arrived late at Ashfield which meant we missed the train. We saw James’ train go sailing past on it’s way to Burwood & Strathfield. James got off at Strathfield and waited for us. Then we all waited for a train to Rhodes.

Rhodes Shopping Centre is pretty dull with IKEA being the main highlight. It is a ginormous two-level IKEA with a full IKEA restaurant and mini-supermarket of Swedish food. James & Grant had to have Swedish meatballs of course! And Lingonberry softdrink. Which looked suspiciously like creaming soda with a Lingonberry logo on it 😉

The highlight for me at the new IKEA is a gigantic wall-sized photograph of Stockholm. It draws me in and and mesmerises me. We showed it to James today and he was also impressed. On the spur of the moment we decided to take a couple of shots in front of it to make us look like we were actually in Sweden. (if only!). The wall was blocked by a stack of IKEA high-chairs for babies so we had to push them out of the way to get the shots we wanted. They came out pretty well.

The boys got their stuff: Grant got some kind of cake-sweet that looked like it came from a nuclear waste facility. And James got some caviar in a tube and some Swedish cracker biscuits. And of course they both got IKEA bags because they look so camp! They also got some non-alcoholic Swedish pear cider. James plans to add a little vodka to his to ‘cure’ it of it’s non-alcoholic status!

Rhodes Station and IKEA inset

Rhodes Station and IKEA inset

Then it was time to make the trek home. And it was a trek.

It musn’t be my week for public transport. On Thursday afternoon the train driver forgot to stop at Ashfield. We ended up at Strathfield and had to jump out, run to another platform and catch another train to get back. Then we missed the train this morning because the bus was late. And then this afternoon, we got off at Burwood, to change platforms for an inner-west train. Ran up the stairs of platform 5 only to have the doors close on us. Not happy Jan!

In the end we did a bit of supermarket shopping in Burwood and waited for a 409 bus which took us all the way home. It’s a long and convoluted route and Yoda was getting very cranky by the end of it. A number of old and infirmed pensioners boarded the bus and Grant was muttering under his breath every time they caused a delay. People got on the bus with suitcases, shopping trolleys and, at one point, a man got on with two large planks of wood.

We were hoping to match up with another bus for the final part of the journey but, as we waited for the lights to change just before our stop, we saw the bus go sailing by. Grant was really in grumpy mode by this time 😉 In the end we just walked the rest of the way.

Daylight Saving ended last night :(

Daylight Saving ended last night 😦

Daylight saving ended overnight. Sob! Cry! Scream!

The official end of summer if you like. It isn’t so much winter approaching that annoys me, it’s the shorter days and the way they make you feel.

You come home from work – in the dark by June/July – and you see the darkness through the window and your whole body and mind just say ‘that’s it, I’m knackered, veg time.’ And that’s all you wanna do – just sit around and veg until bed time. Productivity = zero. The darkness just zaps your energy – at least that’s what it does to me.

Still, it only lasts for….six months!!!! Someone fly me to Sweden immediately – they’re just starting their daylight saving time over there.


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