Lost without you


I feel naked.

This morning, trudging down to the station in the pouring rain (summer has finally said goodbye), I came to a very sad realisation. I had left my mobile phone at home. Arghhh!!!

I had to be at work to set up for a national meeting so i couldn’t turn around and go home and collect my LG. I panicked. People would be calling me and texting me about the meeting. The caterer. Possibly people from work. And tonight is pub night – my Dad calls to say hello, people text me to tell me they’re coming/not coming/coming late etc. etc.

And on top of all of that – I HAD NO WAY OF KNOWING WHAT TIME IT WAS!

Apropos of nothing, I also had no way of knowing what time buses were running in Adelaide. Since I don’t live in Adelaide that’s not much of an issue. But I do like to play with Nomad on my mobile from time to time. Sad really.

Anyway, I’ve realised I’m totally hopeless without my mobile phone. I keep feeling for it in my pockets. No, I’m not playing ‘pocket pinball’, it’s just a habit I’ve developed over the years. Well, at least in the years since mobile phones became small enough to fit into the pockets of my pants!

I’m always pulling it out (the phone) and checking the time. I haven’t worn a watch for eons. Most people I know don’t wear watches either. We all rely on our phones.

James O’Brien even listens to songs, checks his email and looks at websites on his. Mine isn’t that sophisticated. The last time I tried to look at a website on it, the screen became a confusing squashed jumble of letters, numbers and graphics – all competing for the same screen real estate. I gave up.

As I arrived at work today, the caterer was there with his trusty mobile in his hand trying to ring me on my mobile. “Don’t try to ring me, I’ve left it at home,” I exclaimed. He looked aghast. What an inexcusable faux pas in these days of 24/7 communication.

Again, I feel naked. Alone. Vulnerable. Confused.

My mobile phone is at home in my bed (it’s also my alarm clock!) and I’m here at work.

Is it missing me? I don’t know but I sure as hell miss it.


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