Thank God for Panadol Rapid


JudgeG was not a well boy this morning.

A quiet Sunday afternoon drink with James turned into a late night taken up by much merriment and the consumption of quite a few jugs of beer. When you keep refilling the glass from a jug, you don’t really know how many you’ve had…or are having.

I had a blast downstairs at the Midnight Shift last night with DJ David Hiscock playing retro-video all night. James was joined by a friend who was joined by some other friends and suddenly it all got a bit messy. I woke up in a happy, happy, joy, joy mood this morning but by the time I got to work I ‘wasn’t a well woman’ as the old saying goes.

During a team meeting this afternoon…that went on for eons…I almost passed out after feeling like a good chuck chunder was in order. Luckily I held it together long enough to survive the meeting and head straight for a couple of Panadol Rapid tablets and a Diet Coke.

After spending most of the day wanting to lay down under my desk and sleep, within 30 minutes the Panadol Rapids had done their job and I was semi-conscious and semi-coherent again. Talk about the best $2.99 I’ve ever spent!

There’s something symptomatic about Sunday afternoons when James & I get together…they often become Sunday nights and then 8 hours later…..‘I really need to get home now and be horizontal.’

Grant says it’s all self inflicted and yes he’s right…but it was worth it. Great company, fun conversation and fantastic music…(just add beer)…and you’ve got the recipe for a great time. It’s terrific to be around friends like James who know me well enough that I can just be myself…the good, the bad and the ugly JudgeG…and not have to worry about putting on a nice ‘face.’ It’s surprising how much more important that becomes as you get a bit older. You definitely have less time for pretence and are less inclined to be the version of yourself that some people might expect/want/prefer.

After that deep and meaningful analysis, it’s off to bed.

I need about 12 hours a night!

I need about 12 hours a night!



  1. Hey stranger,

    Nice to see you back in the online realm.

    Sounds like a good fun night with James. Even if it required a little over the counter love to get back to normal.

    Hope all is well,

    Wishing you were here visiting in San Diego,


  2. Hi Judge.
    I was one of the ones who joined you later in the night at the Shift – around 9ish I think – and, yes, it did get messy. Likewise I needed the help of some Panadol extra strength to get going and the Oportos for lunch was one of the best things I had ever eaten. I say this everything – I’m never drinking again!

  3. We both have blackmail photos so it’s all okay!!

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