Allow me to be the best judge of that!

Allow me to be the best judge of that!

Allow me to be the best judge of that!

The inspiration behind the title of this website, the legendary Thelma Scott. Thelma’s role in ‘Number 96’ was both hilarious and intimidating. She was always ‘the best judge’ of everyone and every situation.

From her Wikipedia entry…

‘…Following this came the role of imperious Point Piper socialite Claire Houghton in the television soap opera Number 96 starting in 1972. The role of Claire had been devised by the show’s creator David Sale specifically for Thelma Scott. Claire became a popular recurring character in the serial, initially despairing at the “shabby” apartment block Number 96 that her daughter Bev Houghton chose to live in. She soon befriended other residents such as Don (Joe Hasham) and Vera (Elaine Lee), and formed business associations with Jack (Tom Oliver) and Maggie (Bettina Welch).

These associations sustained Claire’s continued role in the series after the death of Bev in January 1974, and formed the basis for her inclusion in the feature film version of the series released in 1974. Though Claire’s appearances diminished in the serial’s middle years, she was relaunched into the show for its final few months, and was central to several key storylines during the 1977 episodes. Claire’s signature phrase in the series was “Allow me to be the best judge of that.”



  1. […] apropos of absolutely nothing. I was reading my friend Graeme’s blog the other night and was reminded of the story of Thelma Scott. We all remembered her vividly, and with fondness, as a character from Number […]

  2. The finale of Number 96 features Thelma Scott returning to the building. Its terrific

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